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VIEWING MOD FORUM THREAD: Moderator commands
REPLY: (by OrbWeaver) Dec 24 2013 9:17am
Given the lowered player count, and the fact that there's rarely more than one moderator on at a time of late, it might be helpful to change the moderator commands so that you don't need TWO mods to ban someone. I cannot ban someone for severe rule breaking (inappropriate name, behavior, etc...) when I'm the only moderator online, and I don't know when another moderator might be available to coordinate the ban command.
REPLY: (by Nova) Dec 24 2013 10:06am
I second this, even though I understand why it takes two mods to ban, there are not enough mods and sometimes I just have to give an extended mute and hope the player gets bored and leaves.
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Dec 24 2013 1:32pm
For HI1, it was felt that 2 mods were needed.

I check on abuse reports and the mod forum fairly frequently. So will catch something if needed.

You can also do a 2 day mute. That files an abuse report and is a huge flag that a play may need a ban. :)

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