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REPLY: (by Nova) Nov 8 2013 6:41am
A player complained that another player was stalking her over and over again from the whisperer to the whispered horse and asked if it was against the rules.

I did ask how they knew the other person didn't just whisper the same horse. They said it happened several times, so they finally went into the whisperer and just pretended to whisper, then came out and the stalker-person still followed them.

I looked in the rules and forums, but was kind of in a hurry, and I didn't find anything that dealt with it.

I told them to mute the person and to divert by going to their ranch, or whispering from a different isle than the main one. I also told them to file a report for stalking, just in case there was anything you could do about it.

Handled correctly? Please advise. :)
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Nov 8 2013 6:36pm
The person who feels they are being stalked can file an abuse report on the "stalker" I can see when a player whispers, and I can see if they were charged 50k or only 10k... I can see boat logs so if the times match up and no whispering, then violations will be given.

Sometimes there is indeed a duplicate whisper probably. If the other person is whispering and does get a hit, then I ignore the report. However...if no whispering took place, or no hit, then they do receive a violation for stalking and harassing another player.
REPLY: (by Nova) Nov 8 2013 10:44pm
Oh, that's really good to know! I'll let the person know. :)

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