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VIEWING MOD FORUM THREAD: Appleton Riddles and Answers
REPLY: (by Piper) Oct 16 2013 6:48pm
Hudson, Chesapeake, Equine Coloring. Bay

It's small and sharp but a horse will wear it. Tack

This brush isn't made out of a tasty dish. Curry

In the desert sun I may look like gold and as a breed I'm very old. Akhal Teke

It's at the beginning of steeplechase, at the end of rodeos, and within horses? What is it? S

You may think it's a little corny, but I'm a pony and a horse! I can stand as low as 13.2 hands, but as high as 16, and that's a whale of a pony! Welsh Cob

A Breed named after steep sided ocean inlets in Norway. Norwegian Fjord

I'm not the breed used by the RCMP, but you might yell, "Oh, Canada!" when you see me! What am I? Canadian Horse

The question with this gait is, can you or can't you? Canter

"Stubborn as a ?" or "Kicks like a ?" Mule

Buried Alive? I surely once was. Unburied I died. Should have been a 'Parrot', Then that horse wouldn't have done what it did to me. What was I? Carrot

Because it's all ready. An equine of this coloring rarely needs to do any work. Dun

If my mother was my father and my father was my mother, my name would be Hinny. Instead I joined the army and I'm a plain old ____. Mule

This horse breed may live in Germany, perhaps in Hanover? Hanoverian

You could paint this horse breed red, white and blue. American Paint

A horse breed and a machine. What am I? Mustang

This animal spelled backwards is a very common destination for girls. Llama

Don't let my name scare you. I'm not angry, although I might be a little hungry! I love a good steeplechase and I'm fast in the harness. Furioso

A type of shoe. Dogs like to chew some shoes, but not this. In fact, people like to play with this shoe when it's old more than dogs! Horseshoe

If a king sits on gold, who sits on Silver? Lone Ranger

This breed only throws half of what it's got. Haflinger

A confusing equine coloring. Using either first or second alphabetical vowels. Better use 'e' for me. Grey

It's monday. You ride into town on Tuesday. One day passes. What day is it? Tuesday

What word has these in common: tack, shower and to restrain. Bridle

I love oysters, saltines and the Sunshine State! What breed of horse am I? Florida Cracker

This footwear is very lucky. Horseshoe

My ears are my distinguishing mark. If they were charged up, you might see a spark! What breed am I? Kathiawari

My hooves are striped but my body is not. I can run a great distance without getting hot. What breed am I? Appaloosa

Take a horse, divide it in two, repeat. Resemble a breed? Quater Horse

Justin's favorite horse is more than awesome, but what is its name? Morgan

This equine coloring, mispronounced, suggests it is a friend
of yours. Palomino

This breed says this when left in very cold weather. I'm ____! Friesian

What equine color is also part of a horse? Chestnut

Name a breed that is from Kentucky, and is named after a piece of tack? Saddlebred

This breed is no hobbit, though you might have thought it at first, until you saw one. Shire

I may be stubborn but I'm always ready to listen. Mule

My bloodlines are ancient. I was a warhorse for the Romans, a draft horse for medieval peasants, and a sure-footed, hard-wintering mountain horse for all of Austria. What am I?
A: Noriker

What has 4 hooves, 2 ears, and blends with a crowd? Zebra

What has 1,000 eyes, 2,000 shoes and eats grass? 5oo Horses

Do you get hungry when you hear my name? Many people do! But I am not a breakfast pastry. What am I? Danish Warmblood

I was on my way to Treeton one day, when I met a girl with five horses. Each horse had five dogs, each dog had five cat friends, and each cat had five mice. All in all, how many were going to Treeton? 1

I'm a souped-up horse with plenty of spirit. I'm a star jumper who really knows how to leap up from down under, and I come in every color - even Botany Bay! Australian Stock Horse

This horse breed and waffles go well together. Belgian

I don't think I'd like a nice Hawaiian one, but one from Suffolk might do. What breed am I? Suffolk Punch

I like to give MORE! They crossed two great breeds to make me, and now I'm my own breed. What am I? Morab

This colored equine must really enjoy beans. Pinto

This sounds like the most important thing, it sits between two corn and lies above a double 'i'. Mane

I don't pile up points, but I garner lots of praise! But please don't put wet dishes on me! What breed am I? Racking Horse

Peanuts are named after the country this breed is from. Look hard. I'm no illusion. Andalusian

You may receive this equine breed for valentines day, but smaller and it tastes like chocolate! Belgian

Your friend always keeps water bottles in her backpack. What animal does this remind you of? Camel

A meticulous loaf of wheat that is also an equine breed. Thoroughbred

Name a breed that is from Kentucky, and is named after a piece of tack? Saddlebred

I'm a breed from Central America...don't pass me by, and with an Italian accent I'm so fine! Paso Fino

This tack isn't very happy. Saddle

When mature this horse breed is white and don't give it any lip about it! Lipizzan

Your horse is in a race. You are picking up speed and pass the horse that is in 2nd place. What place are you in now? 2nd

I must be done by now. I've been domesticated for 4,000 years! I have a thick shaggy coat and love the snow, but I can jump and even do dressage. There's no way you won't love me. Norwegian Fjord

This breed has a big heart but comes in a small package and is from the island it is named after. Shetland

I'm ardent about drafting, and so I should be! I'm the oldest known draft breed and I fought with Napoleon. What breed am I? Ardennais

Your horse might be fast but still, it cannot beat this in a race. While it might be smaller than your horse at noon, it can be quite larger at other times of the day. At night, you will have trouble finding it. Shadow

What is an Equus Caballus? Horse

An equine coloring and yet not a color. Without light, likely visible at night. White

An equine coloring; high in the forest; an open fire. Chestnut

Your horse might shout this, or shout for this. Hay

What word has these in common: tack, shower and to restrain. Bridle

Not only is this a salad dressing, you might find a horse here too! Ranch

You are in a field with 3 horses, Babe, Bob, and Ben. Ben is standing on his back legs, Bob is standing on one more leg than Ben. Babe is standing normally. How many legs are touching the ground? 11

What 9 letter horse breed starts with A and ends with A? Appaloosa

I'm the "horse of the sea." My coat is white or grey like the sea foam, so bring your camera for a picture! Camargue

No, I'm not made of French maize! I'm an old, proud breed. Norman Cob

I'm a big, milky-white horse who's risen to the top in America. I can truly say I'm the top of the crop!
What breed am I? American Cream Draft
REPLY: (by Piper) Nov 10 2013 8:06am
I am a horse robed in bright red gems! What am I? Kladruby
REPLY: (by Piper) Nov 10 2013 8:16am
There. In few words: what breed? Tersky

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