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REPLY: (by NightMare) Sep 20 2013 10:30am
What's out is mentioning religion itself. Holidays may be celebrated, Horse Isle has the snowman for the winter Holidays, chocolate bunny for the spring Holidays or Easter... We may celebrate the "Holiday" without becoming specific about it. It's ok to say happy Halloween, or Happy Christmas... Players may share in the holiday festivities without actually believing in the reason for the holiday if they wish. Or they can just mute global. *laughing out loud!*

It's impossible to have a game with kids who are not going to be excited on holidays. Players may join or not as they choose. And we do have a Mr. and Mrs. Claus, elves, Jack O'Lantern, we help Grey Slate craft a menorah... :)

We don't want player so say for example "I'm a Christian" or "I'm a unicornsist," or whatever... (just grabbed those off the top of my head as being the most common things I see in profiles.) Basically it isn't anyone else's business.

I try to keep them from bringing up the religious aspect of the holiday, and keep it to candy, and trick or treating, parties... that type of thing. Same as with Christmas and Easter... It's happy Holliday! Celebrate the holiday season, not specifically the actual holiday or reason for the holiday itself, that they may do off game. :)

Hopefully that makes sense. :S *laughing out loud!*

I will try to hit the servers on Saturday and give marshmallows, rotten tomato's for throwing, and a spider to the kids for fun! They can sell them, drop them or whatever they want... *laughing out loud!*

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