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VIEWING MOD FORUM THREAD: Elvis' Senior Citizen Song
REPLY: (by Piper) Sep 2 2013 11:39am
Are you lonesome tonight, does your tummy feel tight? Did you bring your Mylanta and Tums? Does your memory stray, to that bright sunny day...When you had all your teeth and your gums? Is your hairline receeding, are your eye growing dim? Hysterectomy for her and ist's prostrate for him. Does you back give you pain..do your knees predict rain? Tell me dear are you lonesome tonight?
Is your blood pressure up, your cholesteol down? Are you eating your low-fat cuisine?
All that oat-bran and fruit, Metamucil to boot, keeps you like a well-oiled machine. If it's football or baseball..he sure knows the score.
Yes, he know's where it's at...but forget's what it's for. So, your gallbladder's gone, and his gout lingers on. Tell me dear are you lonesome tonight?

When your hungry, he's not. When your cold then he's hot. Then you start that old thermostat war. When you turn out the light, He goes left, you go right. Then you get his great symphonic snore. He was once so romantic, and witty and smart. How'd he turn out to be such a cranky old toot So daon't take any bets, this is as good as is gets. Tell me dear are you lonesome tonight?

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