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REPLY: (by Piper) Aug 11 2013 8:00pm
Here are some quest corrections so please do make them in your MMRB. Thanks!

In Oberon’s Midsummer Celebration quest,
when you go to Gretel on Cloud Isle she will ask you for 6 Moonbeams (not 5) as listed in MMRB. The 6 sparkling feathers is correct so please do correct the one for the moonbeams.

The "play for Dixie" is not correct. the correct play is "1324354657688675645342311"

For Dominique's Child Tally's Lost Teddy Bear The rock pile you stand on is Northeast of the big rock, not Northwest. :)

The reward for the first Mystic Forest Maze should be 8 diamonds not 4. I did it on a server, and that's what it showed for the reward info. If it's wrong in your MMRB, please correct it.

In Bruno's Special Delivery quest, it says to deliver a bushel off apples to Allaire in Tail Forest. That should be Mystic Forest on Saddle Isle. Sorry I didn't notice that earlier. Please make the changes to your MMRB.

Update For Gina's Scavenger Hunt quest

Please update the info in your MMRB's
I know it lists an earthworm as one of the items to give to her, when you should really give her the skinny branch instead, so please do update that.
REPLY: (by Piper) Aug 24 2013 5:49pm
Shastri and Sammy's quest notes

Shastri and Sammy ( Vine Isle):
You Need: Nothing
Shastri tells you she lost her Auntie Esther's cat, Samantha or Sammy. Use your magnifying glass here. You see a tuft of fur on the bark of the tree, Samantha passed this way! Keep looking, she's around here somewhere. You found some fur, keep looking for more. From there, take two steps east and then one down (off your horse).
Then go 5 steps to the right and 1 step up (north). The 3rd clue will read: You found another clue, Samantha should be around here somewhere! And the forth is the 2nd picture on here. It will read: You call to her and she wakes, stretches, and jumps up on your saddle.
You found Samantha! Better find Shastri. Now go to Shastri.
Reward 10 Pearls and 100 QP

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