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REPLY: (by Piper) May 17 2013 9:40pm
Anyone remember these HI ads? I had copied and saved them from some years ago, and thought you all might like to use them on HI once again!

Mods Getting Twitchy? Making Funny Faces? Try Putting Ads In Ads Chat, And Following All The Rules!! Try It, You'll Like It!

Looking For A Horse To Buy? Check Out The Ads Chat And Buy The Horse Of Your Dreams Today!

Need To Sell Your Horses,Items? Try The New Ads Chat With Cool Purple Lettering And Get Your Ads Noticed Try It Today!

Hard To Find Residents? Check Out The Horse Isle Community Libraries And Find Those Pesky Residents!

Stumble Across A Wild Horse And Don't Know What To Do? Click On The Capture And Rope That Horsie In!

Need Help With Pesky Riddles? Get Some Help By Asking For Help In PM's! Help Will Come

Mods pulling their hair out? Lets try using ad chat and following the rules so they can keep their hair:)

Please Put All Ads In Ads Chat. This Includes: Buying, Selling, Trading, Auctioning, Wanted ,Needed Items And Contests. Thanks!

Please Put All Ads In Ads Chat. This Includes: Buying, Selling, Trading, Auctioning, Wanted ,Needed Items, Releasing Horses , Announcing Wilds & Contests.

Got something to sell? Want to buy? Place in ads chat and give it a try!

If you want to sell you horse, list it in ads chat of course!

No one buying what you are selling? Try using ads chat and make it compelling!

Got something to sell or want something cool? Please use ads chat - it's a Horse Isle rule

Selling this, trading that? Advertise it in ads chat!

No one listening? No one buying? Try Ads Chat and keep on Trying!

Looking for that special horse? Try ads chat and go with the force!

Hope you enjoyed it! Pip!
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) May 17 2013 9:44pm
Thanks Piper!

I lost these when my old computer's motherboard gave it up.

Here is another one I did the other day:

Pretty Purple Classifieds are the way to go, get your ads out to show!

*laughing out loud!* Yeah, it was a bit late...
REPLY: (by Alyeska) May 18 2013 2:43pm
Oh love these. Thanks Ripper!

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