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VIEWING MOD FORUM THREAD: Selling horses/items for real money
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) May 13 2013 12:33pm
I'm getting reports in mail that players are selling HI horses for real money. This obviously it totally against the rules as it not only entails sharing personal info but it also breaks copyright laws.

Players may not sell for profit what they don't own.

Please keep an eye out for this and file an abuse report immediately if you see or suspect this is happening.

Most of it is being carried out on face so I am having a problem knowing what is happening. The snippets of chat I see don't make any sense. *laughing out loud!*

Plus one of the players accused has a name that also matches a game name/word. So trying to load that players chat is just not going to happen, would take me hours to go though just one day. I need to be able to have another search word to go with it such as another players name who is selling the horse or something.

I've run all the key words I can think of and come up with zip.

If any of you stumble on something like this on the chat message place, please copy/paste that chat and send it to our mail. support at horseisle dot com


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