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VIEWING MOD FORUM THREAD: Telling players they may "stay/return"
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Feb 24 2013 11:53am
Please be careful and do not tell players they won't be banned or will be banned. Even if all you see is an inappropriate username, as you do not have access to the players private chat, sometimes that chat is grossly inappropriate thus resulting in a permanent ban.

Many players with inappropriate usernames usually only join to cause trouble = jerk mods around and see how vulgar and gross they can be before they get banned. Some may keep it out of public chat, some don't.

So for example, when they have a bad name, and you tell them to contact us and get their name changed then they can come back on. That is not always correct. Many times they are permanently banned.

They may contact us for a name change and if that's the only thing wrong with the account, depending on the name we will change it and then they may return. But if there is inappropriate content/behavior/language they are permanently off for joining to cause trouble.

Thankies :)

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