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REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Mar 31 2012 2:24pm
This is a little help/how to for some situations, and some reminders. :)

1) Please be patient, this is just a game. We are not the parents of these kids, we are not here to "make" then behave as we would our kids. We are not the police, only players who are also moderators and here to enforce the rules. Please use as little "enforcement" as possible. The object is not to anger the players, it's to keep the peace on the game. The more punishment you give, the more ticked off the players will become. So when possible, please give as little punishment as is feasible.

2) Try to keep with the mutes as short as possible. As in 5 minutes = begging, ads chat...minor issues. If they continue then do 10, 15, 20, 30, 45, 60. Do Not go over 60. Tomorrow is another day, begin all over. If after 2 weeks they are still not using for example ads chat then give 1 warning then a 30 minute mute, then 60.
Swearing: 10 minutes, if it's really bad such as the f word and b word then 20. See what they do, if they pm you with nasty stuff you have a troll, ban or if not possible do 2880 mute. Otherwise if it's a regular player and is being nasty try to stay with short mutes and Do Not play into it. Ignore, mute if needed. Increase mutes by 10 to 15 minutes. You will be surprised at how fast they start getting the picture.

3) Since it's against the rules to threaten others please be careful with how you word things. Telling a player for example: "If you don't use ads chat I will be forced to mute you." Is technically threatening the player. Just tell them it's against the rules to not place advertisements in ads chat or classifieds, give them a couple of warnings then do a warn mute. They will get it. My speel is: "Please use ads chat for all advertisements so it doesn't flood area chat, thanks. /$" Then after the mute: "You have been muted for not using ads chat, please use ads chat for advertising, thanks. /$"

4) If possible defer chat instead of just muting. Such as: "What type of pets do you have? I have a ninja kitty." Let them run with this it will drown out the problem player who is seeking attention and driving others nuts.

5) Please be polite, even if the player isn't. Try to ignore bad attitude/language and be polite. Treat them as you want them to behave, do not respond to how they are actually behaving. If you want the player to be nice, be nice to the player. If you want the player to respect you, you must respect them. Not always easy this, and doesn't always work, but quite a bit of the time it does work. Although it might take a bit...

6) Try to never give the player a reason to "hate" you. If you are fair, nice, polite and patient they will learn this, they will respect you and will not give you such a bad time. That said, don't be drawn into arguments or debates. Many players deliberately pick topics to argue or debate with the mod on just for their personal entertainment. Don't get drawn into this. Give one or two explanations then ignore the player. If that doesn't work try: "If you disagree with the rules or still do not understand them please contact support and an administrator can explain it to you." Or "If you do not understand the rules please have a parent or guardian help you with them." Then personally mute the player if you need to, or just ignore them. Do Not Argue/Debate with them. Do not let them "Jerk" you around. You lose their respect by doing this. While a few may have comprehension issues, that is not something you as a moderator have to deal with. Players need to learn in the real world how to understand content. If they are not capable of doing so then they need to learn to follow the rules regardless of whether they agree with them.

7) Remember these are children. Some have hands on parents, some don't. Some are nice, some are not. Some are adults who are acting like 2 year olds and having massive tantrums. Try to not give them more reason to tantrum by being rude or "curt" with them. Don't over mute. Try patience, kindness and fairness.

8) If you aren't sure what to say you may use these:
"Please do not beg/ask for free things. There are many ways to earn money: quests, mini-games, find things and sell them. Thanks"
"Please do not spam/flood chat it blocks others from being heard. Thanks"
"Please use ads chat for all advertisements so it doesn't flood chat. Thanks /$
"Topic is not appropriate for this family game please drop it at this time, thanks."
"Topic is not appropriate for public chat, please move it to private chat, thanks."
"Drop the topic now please."
"Drop It Now!" Then begin mutes if needed.
"When speaking to only one person please use PM so it doesn't flood area chat, thanks. /PlayerName"
"Please do not advertise for others only for yourself. Thanks"
"Please do not advertise for others you can't sell what you do not have. Thanks"
"Please play nicely."
"Please play nicely, this is a family game, thanks."
"Please move topic to private chat thanks -->"
"Please watch language/content. This is a family game, thanks."
"Check out Then New Player Guide (link at bottom of game page,) super helpful with how to play."
"Link to rules at bottom of web page. *nods*"

9) While we hold players responsible for knowing and following the rules we must also realize very, very few know the rules. Thus we can't expect them to follow what they don't know. We can't make them read though 1/2 an hour of rules. These are kids, many are hyper. Not going to happen. Expect them to have no idea how to play, no idea what the rules are. So remind/teach them briefly then enforce only what is necessary. Ship them to support issues if needed. If they insist on fussing about rules then send them to me. You don't have to deal with the fuss. :)

Hands out chocolate to all who actually made it this far. :)

Forum does not do indentations...

If you have questions or aren't sure how to handle things please ask here or contact support and as for Connie.

Hard line: Players are leaving the game do to over moderating and things not always being handled correctly. Players feel targeted, and feel that they are being set up by moderators to get violations. While I am totally aware this is not the case, we need to re-phrase things perhaps or try to be a bit more polite and lenient if at all possible. :)


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