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VIEWING MOD FORUM THREAD: Breeding issues and a few others
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Feb 4 2012 7:06pm
Since this is a family game and we do indeed have young children who play, this is a touchy topic.

Needs to be kept G rated at all times. So, some contexts will be ok, and others won't be. Rather depends on how it's used.

OK uses
"I breed cats/dogs/horses in real life"
{This is not graphic or "adult" it's just stating a fact.}

"I have a stud for sale" (IN game only)
{Stud is the same as stallion and if a player asks what a stud is in this context just say it's another word for stallion.}

Not ok:
"I have a stud farm"
{Possibly ok, however that brings into focus breeding issues so it's best if they just say they "breed" horses. What I'm trying to stay away from is the graphic part and they usually don't say "I have a stallion farm." *laughing out loud!* Stud (in this context) goes directly to male horse used for breeding. The Breeding Farm is a general term to say they raise horses. If that makes sense :S General is ok, specific isn't}

This also applies to role playing. They may be general as in their horses may marry and have foals, so FoalOne is daughter to MareA type of thing. Now if they get into birthing that is out. If they get into real people that is out. No dating between people.

If they just say they have a boyfriend or girlfriend in real life or who also plays on this game that's ok. No on-game dating however and no looking for a date on the game.

If they say they watch a TV show it's fine as long as the show is ok for young kids or at least the content of the chat is ok for young kids. If it starts flooding the chat for more than a few minutes, should probably be moved to buddy, here or pm so it doesn't bug others.

What we need to watch for is the actual content, is it ok for young kids to see that. Innuendo goes over the young ones heads but still isn't ok. *laughing out loud!* So global, isle, near should be G rated and ok for kids to see. Some topics have both aspects, the base topic is ok but the more advanced part isn't. They may still chat about the ok part, just not travel to far with it. *laughing out loud!*

We ask that Celebrity's be keep out of public chat because so many players are so intense about them. I don't know what happened to like an dislike but now it's hate and want to harm, or love and want to harm those who hate... Thus fights start. :(

While the game content is aimed at ages 8 and up, younger kids also are welcome to play and many are advanced readers who can read and understand a lot.

General discussion of something is usually ok (at least for some topics,) graphic or focused discussion might not be. That's where the difference lies.

Just saying "my dog had puppies, or my family breeds Beagles" is fine. Talking about a stud farm takes it into more focused areas where the kids are more likely to ask questions we don't want them to ask. Such as: What is a stud used for? How do you breed horses? Frequently it's the way it's stated. It's a technical line and a fine one sometimes. I would suggest just trying to get the player to change for example "stud" to something like "I/we raise horses," Or I/we breed horses." Most of the kids don't think twice about something phrased in that way.

Kids respond to certain context's differently. If you keep their mind on the usually/standard tract all is good. If you toss in unusual/unfamiliar words that brings up questions we don't wish to deal with on this game. Many players know nothing about real horses, they frequently don't even know if a mare is a female or male. *laughing out loud!* So when players toss out "stud farm" young ones think: What is that? What does a stud do? What is a stud farm?

Saying "Breeding Farm" tells the kids that the person raises horses and they usually don't pay much attention to it. They have already heard the word breed or breeding in regards to kitties or puppies normally.

Hope this helps :)


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