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VIEWING MOD FORUM THREAD: Re: Players using real names
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Nov 15 2011 12:01pm
When working with real names in profiles, it's not a big deal if the player has a first name. If they say it's their real name, then they need to remove that part, otherwise just ignore it. Also, please don't tell players we do things that we don't do. Such as telling them we check to see if it's a real name. That sort of makes us sound like stalkers! *laughing out loud!* We have no way of knowing if a name is real or not. We do get strict with last names, but first names can't be traced so not a big deal.

Thankies :)
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Nov 15 2011 2:40pm
The rules are there to protect the players, however some are more heavily enforced than others. The object is to make this a safe but also fun place for all to play. So, if they state "My real name is Connie." Then it needs to be changed to: "My name is Connie," or "Call me Connie" Players can't be traced with a first name. If they give a last name, then that must go for their safety. Basically the name issue is to prevent the players from giving their entire name out to others. The younger children and the older players seem to think it's fine to give out all personal and private info. The young ones don't understand the danger, and the older ones think they are old enough to not need to be protected.

Neither of those has any true concept of the possible danger. We don't wish to scare them either, so sharing real names is out. That said, firsts names can't be traced to a person, umpteen hundred thousand or million have that as a first name somewhere... *laughing out loud!* :)

We made the rules to be there if/when needed as the players so fuss if it's not specifically stated in the rules. However, some things can be bent, or don't really qualify so are rather ignored. The rules are not meant to be black and white, but to be used as a guideline as to what may and may not be done. Each and every instance is taken separately for rules being broken. (Well mostly, some things are pretty set but not many. *laughing out loud!*)

To help figure out if something is ok or not, think about why the rule is there...to protect players ok, so if what they are doing isn't dangerous, then it probably isn't a big deal.

To make this a safe place for all to play: if it's not unsafe, then it's probably ok.

To make this a fun place: If it's not actually harassment, bullying, bad language, content, behavior, then ignore or try to just move into private chat instead of public chat.

We want the players to have fun. We also want them to be safe. Sometimes this becomes a bit difficult, but that is the goal. :)

If players feel too repressed they will leave. If they feel the game is too massively strict they will leave. So we try to hit a happy medium and allow things if/when possible. Only block things that are bad or should not be on the game.

Hope that makes sense. Sometimes it's sort of like walking a tightrope, the left side has a net, the right side doesn't. :S *laughing out loud!*

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