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VIEWING MOD FORUM THREAD: Moderators please read :)
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Oct 18 2011 6:22pm
Just a reminder. :)

Please remember that moderators are held to higher standards than other players, so we do need to be careful what we say in chats as well as what we do.

We must not be overly picky, this is a game after all and the object is to have fun. That said, obviously the rules need to be followed to keep this a fun place, but please do remember that these are not your kids, and you are not their mom. They don't have to respect you or like you. They do have to follow the rules, but please remember to be patient and as lenient as possible.

Some are young kids, some are old kids ;) All are kids. :) They are here to have fun. So if they want to chat ok, or whatever as long as it's ok for all ages. They may say they have a boyfriend/girlfriend, as long as it doesn't go into dating. We don't allow dating on the game or date speak. They may say many, many things but as long as it's not violent, inappropriate, graphic... it's ok.

I realize sometimes it's difficult to figure out where the line should be. Just think about the content...it ok for age 6/8? Just saying "my dog bit me" is fine. If they get graphic with it, then it should go to private chat. If they say they "I don't bite." Ok, yay! they are non violent. *laughing out loud!*

If they say for example in a profile "I hate my brother" ok fine as long as they don't name him. *laughing out loud!* If they give the name then it needs to be changed. If they say they will or want to hurt the brother then it needs to go as that is a threat.

Horse names, if it's not a threat it's probably ok. Mostly it's how it's worded. Assassin is fine, I'm an Assassin isn't. Hurt is ok, Hurt You isn't. Knife is ok, Cuts with a knife isn't. That type of thing. :)

Also please don't stretch yourselves too thin. Remember it's better to be a good moderator on one or two servers than not really there on several servers. That said, when the servers are pretty quiet one can indeed to several without a problem, but then again if 2 or more erupt at the same time = problem. When a mod is on and doesn't do anything, then another mod comes on and does something, this can trigger anger by the players. As they think the first mod didn't do anything because it's ok.

So if you can do multiple servers ok, just please be careful and don't over reach yourself. Try to get some play time in there too! :)

Thankies :)
REPLY: (by AppleBay) Oct 19 2011 6:06am
*salutes* Yes ma'am. Thanks :D
REPLY: (by FrogLips) Oct 19 2011 7:22am
Great reminders DP!! :) Thank you
REPLY: (by OrbWeaver) Oct 19 2011 9:42am
DP, I got your PM. Since there is no way to respond to it (that I saw, I could have missed it) I would like to state that NO ONE actually PMd me about the issue you contacted me about. Not one person. I find this very upsetting.
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Oct 19 2011 11:41am
Orb, if you wish you can contact me at DesertPaint at horseisle dotsy com

Then I can explain further. *laughing out loud!* :) I have trouble catching people on any more as my time is in and out still. :S
REPLY: (by Elanor) Oct 19 2011 11:48am
Ok DP. I used to do 7 servers when it was dead busy. :P But now there's hardly ever any players on so I just go on a couple of servers. If they need us they'll be sure to call!
REPLY: (by JerseyHotblood) Oct 19 2011 12:40pm
I am usually on 3 or 4 at a time. Sometimes I think just our presence helps a bit :) *laughing out loud!* If one really starts acting up...I will normally close the quieter ones so I can focus where the help is needed :) I really do try to be as laid back and as "fun" as I can...But I think some of these players just like to push our buttons, *laughing out loud!* For the most part I will say what needs to be said (explaining a reminder, mute, or any action) and then ignore them if they refuse to accept the reasoning. If they really get bratty I will personally mute them for a bit. I ALWAYS remember to lift my mutes because even the brattiest of players have a legitimate question or concern at some point, *laughing out loud!*

Great reminders DP :) I think a few of us DO try to treat these kids as if they are our own...I do ocassionally, as some of them HAVE chatted with me over pretty personal issues (loss of a loved one, low self esteem...etc) I NEVER push them to talk but find it hard to NOT have an open ear or a few words of encouragements or advice. I hope I am not over stepping any boundaries in doing so. I understand this is a place ofr them to come and have fun, However, I think some of them appreciate a kind word or just someone who is willing to listen. For the most part we have a great group of players :)

Once again, Just my two cents in the can (clink, clink) :)
REPLY: (by OrbWeaver) Oct 19 2011 12:56pm
It is very easy to forget that some of these players are just kids (or even teens.) Many of them are very eloquent and well-spoken, especially for their age-group, so sometimes it's easy to mistake them for little adults.

So it's kind of a shock when we do get a player who behaves the same age that they likely are. That's where patience is DEFINITELY a virtue. Most of our players are intelligent and well-spoken beyond their years, but we do have some that are not, and it's very easy to lose patience with those because they aren't acting the way we may be accustomed to.

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