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VIEWING MOD FORUM THREAD: Bids for monthly or yearly subs
REPLY: (by Saharaflower) Oct 6 2011 12:44am
From watching other players place bids in ads for a monthly or yearly sub. I think there should be a time limit set on it. I have seen one night a person bid out a monthly sub for over 3 hrs trying to get the highest bid but it sat at 40 mill the entire time.. I am not to sure what type of time limit but it can be frustrating to others trying to get maybe a month or a year and have to sit and wait wondering if they won the bid.
Saharaflower chestnut server
REPLY: (by ThisMagicMoment) Oct 6 2011 8:37am
Here is how I see it:

Those players selling monthly/yearly subs have put their REAL LIFE hard earned money into it (ok well on occassion maybe their parents real life hard earned money *laughing out loud!*).
They are using REAL money and therefore, I think, they can ask/take bids for however long they choose until they get an offer that they feel would be worth their rl money.

Just my opinion, but since players are trading real money for play money, I think the players using the real money are in the power seat. Meaning they get to choose.
REPLY: (by OrbWeaver) Oct 6 2011 8:57am
I'd have to agree with TMM.
REPLY: (by DarkFaerie) Oct 6 2011 9:01am
I too agree with TMM, although I can see what you are saying about waiting forever wondering whether they have the winning bid or not. I know on pinto at the moment, next to no one is selling subs and everyone seems to be buying so they do go for loads when the bidding is over a day or sometimes even a few days. :)
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Oct 6 2011 10:55am
There is not rule regarding time limits for private auctions, this is what the rules say regarding that:

Private Auctions
1]Private Auctions are any auction held by a player and not in the auction block provided on Horse Isle. These are not endorsed by Horse Isle. We recommend you do not hold or partake in these.
2]We realize that only horses can be auctioned at the auction blocks. If you feel you must hold a private auction for items, you may. However, if there are complaints or reports of scamming, you may be asked to stop.
3]Private auctions are not controlled at all. It is possible for the auction holder to lie about the highest bid. It is also possible for players to bid more money than they have. If you find this is the case, please file an Abuse Report on the player immediately and let a moderator know if one is online.
4]If asked to stop holding an auction by a moderator, please do so immediately.

It's a risk players take, however as long as they follow the rules: Never pay until you have received the sub or PO, it should be ok. :)

REPLY: (by Saharaflower) Oct 6 2011 10:35pm
ok tvm for feedback guys.. I do agree with what TMM is saying but also feeling like some players have to wait forever.. thats why I was asking on rules or limits on bidding a monthly out

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