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REPLY: (by ThisMagicMoment) Aug 19 2011 5:16pm
I heard that there are no more Wii fonts allowed (Yahoo! My eyes!), but then read further to see that horses who already have Wii fonts in their name can keep them, but it is against the rules to add anymore.
I am sorry, but I do not see how on earth I can enforce this. I feel like all the kiddos will say 'oh no, I've had this for a long time! Before they made the new rule'
Can we just get rid of them all-together? i feel like that would be easier to enforce - no wii fonts for anyone.
Help! :)
REPLY: (by FrogLips) Aug 19 2011 5:23pm
Well we certainly will know those that haven't had them since Miranda's post, especially if they use any of the special fonts that clash with the HI coding..
Just like any of the rules.. we can try to help enforce them, but kids are going to be kids and when the cats..well mods away, they are going to try to play.
So far the couple of players I have had ask me about this have been very understanding and one even said sorry because they didn't know it took a lot of time for Miranda to try to sort out the mess.
I think players need to be understanding and patient. It's a shame they don't want to understand the need for change (which life will give them all their lives....
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Aug 19 2011 6:44pm
If they have them, and it's not glitching, they may keep them. Just don't do it again. *laughing out loud!* :S
REPLY: (by Continuum) Aug 24 2011 7:51pm
Okay so I missed this, what's the new ruling on fonts. I was told it was okay before...it's not now?
REPLY: (by FrogLips) Aug 24 2011 8:35pm
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Aug 18 2011 8:46am
This is from Miranda:

"Please stop using the Wii fonts on horse names and descriptions. This often messes with the coding for the game and makes it so sometimes the save button disappears. This prevents you from being able to change that horse's information and forces me to go in and erase the name and description.
Sorry it doesn't work with it. "

So, if you already have something, and nothing is glitching fine, you may keep it. However please do Not add more, or use the other fonts in profiles and horse names. :)

Lets not use the special fonts at all for profiles and horse names please.

Again, if you already have it and it's working you may keep it.

There was basically the same post here in our forum without the added bit of it they already have them and they work they may keep them.. hope this helps :)
REPLY: (by Continuum) Aug 25 2011 11:50am
So how do we know if it's new or not?
REPLY: (by FrogLips) Aug 25 2011 3:00pm
I don't think there is a way to truly know if it's new or not. but if they are trying to use the wii fonts and break the game Miranda sure will know when she had to go and fix it..
I suppose kids will be kids and if they think they can get away with it they will try it.. =/
REPLY: (by FrogLips) Aug 29 2011 7:04am
Okay.. new question.. Sorry..
Players are now asking if it's only the wii font or does this also include the other playstation like fonts? Some are now saying it only says wii, I have a playstation or xbox?
I have been telling players that it's all special fonts that aren't part of the game, that game consoles are using different coding and can still mess up the game and please don't use them.
Ruling, advice, etc Thank you much!!
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Aug 29 2011 10:08am
All "other" fonts.

Use this given game font or break the profile basically. While there are a few of the characters that don't seem to break it, that might just be lucky... So No more special fonts regardless of what they are. Those that do have them may keep them, however they do risk it locking up at any given time so they really should get rid of them.

As to how it will be handled if they continue to use the fonts... I have no idea. Several options from fixing profile after profile (includes horse names) and delaying updates and other game work to assigning violations to just leaving them broken and keeping the player from altering it at all.

I don't know which of those Miranda will choose. Personally I opt for the last one... perhaps that will make a large enough impression... they won't risk it. *laughing out loud!* Since they would not be able to alter their profile or their horses profile or name.

Possible down side to that however is, especially if it's there personal profile, that they would create a multiple account because their original account's profile was broken. -_-

So, no idea what will be done if they keep using the fonts, but it is against the rules to use them.
REPLY: (by Miranda) Sep 7 2011 12:08pm
Honestly, don't worry about 'enforcing' this. The note is so players realize that using those fonts can often break the profile. I definitely don't expect mods to make a big deal out of it, and I actually don't want them to. As mods, ignore it completely. If a player complains about a horse's save button missing, mention that it's because they used Wii fonts (most likely) and to email support so I can delete the name/description.
REPLY: (by ThisMagicMoment) Sep 12 2011 8:22am
Ok great, thanks for clearing this up! :)

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