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VIEWING MOD FORUM THREAD: What is and isn't allowed in profiles. :)
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Aug 8 2011 11:54am
It's sometimes difficult to know where the line goes, so hope this helps. :)

They may not have any words that would normally be caught by the filter or that are not allowed on the game. If they use the filtered version then it's fine. Non filtered version isn't.

They may not have dating: Saying they have a bf or gf is ok, actually discussing the dating isn't. This includes in lyrics. If it goes into dating it's off. Just mentioning the subject is ok.

They may not have slavery: No owning others or selling/buying others. They may of course have friends/buddies. Just not buy/sell/trade them or own them.

They may not have threats in their profiles. They may say "don't mess with my buddies" that's fine, it's not a direct threat. They may Not say "Don't mess with my buddies or I will hurt you/hunt you down..." that is not ok as it's a direct threat. If not a direct threat it's fine, if it's a direct threat it needs to go.

No Violence. They may say they are Emo, they may not say they cut. They can say they don't cut, but not that they do cut.

No cannibalism. No eating/nomming others or themselves.

No animal cruelty. They may say they rescued a horse, they may not discuss the condition of the horse or what happened to it.

No "Adult content" is allowed. After all this is a family game. They need to go elsewhere if they wish to discuss such content. They may say they are married (in real life) they may not marry on the game. This includes in lyrics. Now... if it's not specific, it it's not obvious what the topic is... there is some leeway here, so use your judgement, but don't get too picky... *laughing out loud!* :)

HarryPotter: They may discuss this, no graphic violence however.

They may say what state, country/province/shire... they live in, but nothing closer. They may say PlayerX is their sister/brother/mother/father... whatever. No ages or age ranges allowed however. No Schools, no "middle school" or "high school" thing. College is ok. Reason: technically anyone of any age can attend College or University.

They may use chatspeak to their hearts content in profiles. Players don't have to read the profile if they don't want to. Unfortunately this makes it difficult for us, but hopefully we can trudge though it. *laughing out loud!* :) Shares tylenol.

I'm sure I've left out a ton of stuff, but at the moment this is all I can think of. *laughing out loud!*

Remember to not be "nit picky" :) If at all possible let the kids/adults have their profiles. Only request a change or removal if it's not appropriate for this game.

Please remember to be polite at all times with the kids. Do Not argue or debate with them. Give an explination, if you actually feel the player might not have understood try another explination, after that ignore them or personally mute them. They were asked to remove, they were told why. If they need more clarification they can contact support. Try to give at least 5 minutes for them to remove a profile, if you think they are competiting then perhaps 10. They don't need more time than that. If you keep the profile up and the player logs off without telling you they altered the profile delete it. If they removed it they won't get vio's. If they didn't they will. They don't need more than 10 minutes to remove something or alter something. They need to do it then when requested, not tomorrow or whenever they feel like it. Don't aruge, don't let them bait you. Just be a polite robot, make the request, 1 or possibly 2 explinations then shut down. Remove if needed. Also please be sure to thank the player if they have removed it even if they have been a bit nasty about it. *laughing out loud!* :) Ignore the nasty, just respond to the polite. If they fuss, ignore. If they are nice respond. :)

Hope this helps. :)

REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Sep 23 2011 4:50pm
Add on :)

Saying "I don't bite" or something like that is ok. If they say they do bite, then it's not ok. :)

REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Oct 21 2011 7:58pm
Here is another one, this type of thing is ok. It's sort of a threat, but it's not a big enough deal to remove or even bother the player with.

please DONT mess with PlayerOne she is the best bud you could ever had!!! Same with PlayerTwo she is the best kid ever so dont mess with her if you dont want to mess with me!!!

Edited a bit with the names. *laughing out loud!*

Now if she said, don't mess with me or I will hurt you or stalk you, that is a direct threat and should go. :)

REPLY: (by Naginata) Oct 24 2011 7:40am
What about:

1) Player so-and-so is my wifey/hubby
2) Player so-and-so is my bf/gf

I ask about the above, particularly in cases when you are aware that what is said in the profile isn't true...
REPLY: (by FrogLips) Oct 24 2011 9:46am
On the game relationships/families etc we were told were not allowed.
In real life instances regarding spouses they may say so n so (player names only) is my real life hubby/wife.. I would assume same would go for bf/gf as long as they don't get into details about their relationship.

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