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VIEWING MOD FORUM THREAD: Players may Not sell special font profiles
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Jul 4 2011 9:36am
Since only the person with the different keyboard and playstation or wii can do this, and it can't be copy/pasted in that way they may NOT sell them.

To sell them means they have to go onto the other persons account. That is strictly against the rules, so in this instance they may not sell the special characters for profiles. They may use them themselves, but not sell them.

REPLY: (by JerseyHotblood) Jul 4 2011 8:17pm
GREAT..another rule that will make them like us even more, *laughing out loud!* Noted :)
REPLY: (by Everlend) Jul 4 2011 9:05pm
Thanks for the update DP :).
REPLY: (by Continuum) Jul 5 2011 12:27pm
What about "selling" them by trading a horse to another player and having them do the font and sell it back? Basically the same idea as training?
REPLY: (by FrogLips) Jul 5 2011 12:47pm
To even trade a profile for a ranch, player or horse for another item isn't possible without allowing the player making the profile to get on another players account which would against the rules.. If they say they can do the profile without getting on the account, then it would be a total scam. can't sell nor trade for the special font profiles
REPLY: (by FrogLips) Jul 5 2011 12:51pm
Ohh sorry I misread that Cont.. Do the fonts stay when traded??
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Jul 5 2011 1:26pm
I thought you couldn't copy/paste them. They had to be actually typed in. If they can be copy/pasted, then that would work. However trading a horse is risky as they might not get it back.

I don't have anything that will do the special fonts so I can't test it. When I tried to copy another players profile however the fonts didn't come though. That could have just been my computer however. I was on the older one. *laughing out loud!*
REPLY: (by FrogLips) Jul 5 2011 4:10pm
I paid a couple of players to trade me over horses with the special fonts in their names and/or profiles. If they trade a horse to have a special profile done it's the risk they take of not getting the horse back. The fonts can't be copied and pasted but you can trade a horse with the special fonts and they stay the same/fancy when traded back n forth
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Jul 5 2011 6:02pm
Ahh ok, Thank you Froggy! :) I will pay you back when I get on next. Currently waiting for dinner to cook *laughing out loud!*

Okra is not frying quickly. :S Then again, it's a huge pan. :D
REPLY: (by FrogLips) Jul 6 2011 7:41am
Awww thank DP.. there is no need but very kind and appreciated. It was my choice, to experiment to find out if players did trade/train for a custom profile if the profile would stay the same.. Some players said yes some said no.. Now we all know :)
REPLY: (by Continuum) Jul 6 2011 8:30pm
However risky, since we allowed trading...it's technically allowed but not advised?
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Jul 6 2011 9:10pm
If they wish to sell the horses with the special fonts like any other sale that's fine. What they may not do at all is advertise for profiles containing the different fonts as they can't be copy/pasted, or do them for others either since the person doing the profile would Have to go onto the other persons account to do the special fonts. That is massively against the rules and could end up with both players banned, at least for a while.
REPLY: (by Piper) Aug 2 2011 7:23am
Dp, from what i'm understanding that you're saying is that the players, can't sell the special fonts, but if they havea horse with the spcial font, they can sell it with it. Correct? What about using the special font in global chat? Pipsy
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Aug 2 2011 8:01am
The font can be used in chats, that's fine.

What happens in the horse names and profiles is that some of those fonts, especially some of the wii characters break the save button. The only way to fix it is for Miranda go go in and clean out the entire profile.

If they were able to use the fonts and save them in the first place, then they are using characters that are ok, so they can sell that horse with the special name or profile. But, since I'm not sure which characters break the save ability, they may not sell player profiles, or such. If it's already there, fine. If not, please don't put it there. *laughing out loud!*

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