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REPLY: (by ThisMagicMoment) Jun 15 2011 9:30am

So there was a post in General about players having french profiles. I told them since this is an english only game it needs to be in english or have an english translation immediately following it (since that is what I have been told makes it ok).
While I was looking up the direct quote in D.R to drive my point home (hehe), It says that it doesn't matter if there is a translation - no other language is allowed.
Would just like some clarification. I know if their horse's name is in a different language, they have to have a translation on it's profile. I suppose I figured it's the same with profiles *laughing out loud!*

Am I on the right page now? Other language horse names is ok if a translation is on it's profile. Any other language any where else is Not allowed?
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Jun 15 2011 11:17am
We do allow other languages in player profiles, horse profiles and horse names. However, they must provide an accurate translation and of course the content must be game appropriate.

So that if I run it through a translator I will get approximately what they have stated it says in English. :)

What we don't allow is another language in public chat. An occasional Hola, or Bonjour type of thing is ok. But no chatting in another language.

They also run a risk of chat flags and violations for other languages when the chat in Private, as the filter is set for English only. Many words in other languages mean something totally different and are ok, however the spelling will be caught by the filter and violation points will be assigned. This game is in English. So it's a risk others take if they choose to Privately speak another language.
REPLY: (by ThisMagicMoment) Jun 15 2011 12:08pm
I guess I just don't understand why the Detailed Rules says this instead:
Detailed Rules under English:
3] Please do not include another language in any Profiles, including Horse and Player profiles, if another language is included in your profile, you will be notified and told to remove it, or it will be forcibly removed.
4] Naming of Horses in other languages are acceptable provided you include the meaning of the name in the horse's profile.
5] The filter is not set up to handle other languages.
6] The game and rules are written in English, so you need to understand English to play, so saying you don't know English is not a legitimate excuse.
and under Profiles:
4] Please ensure that ALL content in your profile is in the English language.
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Jun 15 2011 12:31pm
Miranda relented a bit in regards to profiles. :)
REPLY: (by Snuffleupagus) Jun 15 2011 1:22pm
I apologize for my hej's and okej's. I really do try and stop but it is such a habit. :o/
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Jun 15 2011 4:26pm
Those are fine. :)

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