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VIEWING MOD FORUM THREAD: Mods please read. :)
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) May 25 2011 1:25pm
Just a reminder:

Please watch what you say in buddy chat.

Especially if it's dealing with another player. Much of what you say Will be copied and shared with that other person, sometimes being taken out of context.

Never ever say anything bad about another player to anyone other than a moderator or relative. *laughing out loud!* Vent in mod chat if you wish to but please do Not vent in buddy chat.

Remember, what you say probably will be copied to that person. So please make sure you are always polite toward others in chats.

Thankies :)
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) May 27 2011 8:21am
If someone is breaking the rules, or you thing someone might be, it's fine to make a PSA or Public Service Announcement, whether in Global or Buddy. As long as it's not something that is allowed, and you are just venting about a player or a couple of players who perhaps were deliberately baiting you, or ticking you off. That needs to go into mod chat. :)

Venting is good. It helps us keep our balance and our "cool" *laughing out loud!* If you know someone in real life who is playing such as a relative or true best friend you can vent to them in PM as obviously they will not be repeating it. Otherwise it really needs to stay in the mod chat.

Others just will grab part of what you said and copy/paste it to others. It's taken out of context sometimes even tweaked, others may or may not even understand the situation, thus the moderator then becomes a truly nasty vindictive power hungry person who players hate. = All they see is someone who misused her power, is slandering others for no reason. Except she isn't, and she didn't say it that way... Thus the need to be careful. :)

This is just a reminder. Summer is here, lots of new and bored kids will hopefully *laughing out loud!* be signing up. Stress levels may increase. We need to be on guard.

Hands out mod armor, tylenol, chocolate and tea. :)


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