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VIEWING MOD FORUM THREAD: Profile Questions/Answers
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Apr 25 2011 10:06am
Thought I would create one post for profile questions/answers. Old posts may be removed, some might be left for others to see.


If it's not bad, leave it. *laughing out loud!*

If players wish to say someone is their real life husband/wife they may do so. The must clarify that it is in real life, and not game talk. They may give a player name, or no name. They may say they have kids, and give usernames only. No age's however. *laughing out loud!*

What they may not do is date on the game or be married "on game." Horses may marry, but not the players.

I'll give an example using moderators *laughing out loud!* At this time there are two moderators who are married in real life. If they wish to say PlayerX is my real life husband, or PlayerT is my real life wife it's ok. As long as it's clear it's in real life.

It's technically better if we don't go into that, however it's not against the rules either. As long as it's not going into Dating and it's clear that it is in real life and not an on game thing. Basically it isn't any other players business, however sometimes it can help prevent being "hit on" by some of the kids too... *laughing out loud!* So I understand the desire to say "Hay I'm taken." Note: that doesn't stop many however. :(

We all have to put up with the players wanting to "date" moderators. I find it nearly hysterically funny... if they only knew how old I am they would be mortified. *rolling on floor laughing!* :P

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