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REPLY: (by JerseyHotblood) Mar 23 2011 1:07pm
Ok, WHAT is considered role playing. I know they get into the whole "warrior cats" thing (what ever that is *laughing out loud!*) But I have noticed some conversations in global where the act as if they are doing things to each other. Like -puts so and so in a red shirt and leads around global- (BAD example, I know)

ANyway when they start going on about these stories and then other players get involved....how far do we let it go before asking them to maybe move it to buds...
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Mar 23 2011 1:36pm
If the RP is harmless (follows game rules) and it involves all of global/server it's ok for a bit. Maybe 5 to 10 or 15 minutes if ok with others. For a fun thing, then it will probably die down, or can be asked to move to chat here or something.

Sometimes they like to just goof around on the server. Ok. As long as the content is ok for the game. Sometimes one needs to pop in occasionally and either steer it in a different direction or remind them that the content is heading into bad territory or something. :S

I usually try to get it to end in at least 15 minutes, or move to another chat. Or, if someone is posting "enough" or something then it's not appreciated by others thus needs to leave global.

Hope that makes sense. :S *laughing out loud!*
REPLY: (by JerseyHotblood) Mar 23 2011 2:18pm
Yeah it does :) If a bunch of players are joining in and global is moving quite fast....should a move be asked for? I was on one server that the "playing around" got a bit quick and I missed a few questions from a player. Who then pm'ed me and asked if I were ignoring them :(

Unfortunately sometimes when asking for them to move it to bud or chat here...they become upset. Then we have quite a few mouth offs. Sigh.
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Mar 23 2011 3:36pm
If the player count is high, and global is busy with players asking questions, then the RP should not take place in Global. If global is quite, then it's ok.
REPLY: (by Miranda) Mar 23 2011 10:55pm
For the most part, if it is following the rules, let it be. If players are annoyed or getting upset, ask those playing in global to take it somewhere else. I don't see any reason to put a stop to it unless others are getting upset by it or it is getting inappropriate

There are a number of players on, so players asking questions should eventually be noticed by someone if not the moderator. Players following the rules but taking up global will get upset if asked to take it somewhere else since they aren't actually breaking any rules.

Unless there starts to be a high incidence of players getting upset that their valid questions aren't being answered, I'll have to say to even be more lenient about it than DP is saying. Let them have their fun. Those asking questions will either figure it out, get someone's attention or PM someone. Especially at this point in the game, since there are generally smaller numbers on the servers, I think it should be less of a problem.
REPLY: (by JerseyHotblood) Mar 24 2011 9:55am
Ok Miranda, Thanks for the clarification. For the most part it IS harmless. But I wanted to be sure :) I always like to be SURE, *laughing out loud!* That is why i ALWAYS bother DP with all my questions :) And she is always there when I need her. <3 Thanks again to you both :)

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