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VIEWING MOD FORUM THREAD: Horse Isle Playerlist for Desktop = iGoogle
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Mar 2 2011 1:47pm
This is just for info.

At the bottom of the account page on each server there is a button link. If you have a gmail account, you can add each server. Then if you bring up iGoogle you will have all the servers with a list of all players on that server as well as the moderator if there is one, or an administrator.

It's an easy way to find a specific player or another moderator to help you out if needed. Without the pain of having to go to all the servers and search. *laughing out loud!* :)
REPLY: (by Continuum) Mar 2 2011 3:04pm
If only I had real internet I could actually download these cool things. Thanks for update...I saw a post in forums somewhere asking if there was a way to tell where the mods were....
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Mar 2 2011 3:11pm
Oh, I'll go looking for that :)
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Mar 2 2011 3:17pm
Couldn't find the threat, but I made one in General, so if they want to use it they can. :)
REPLY: (by JerseyHotblood) Mar 2 2011 6:18pm
DP..I JUST learned of this AMAZING feature yestrday rom another mod. I think its funny its in forum now :) Just thought i would share :)
REPLY: (by ThisMagicMoment) Mar 3 2011 9:34am
-runs to make gmail account-
REPLY: (by OrbWeaver) Mar 3 2011 11:14am
Neat! Thanks DP!
REPLY: (by ThisMagicMoment) Mar 4 2011 6:51am
Just got all the servers loaded onto my new gmail account iGoogle. Highly recommend it! It will come in serious handy when I need another mod to help me, I am sure!
REPLY: (by FrogLips) Mar 4 2011 11:38am
Thank you for sharing the info!! I went right away on the 2nd and set up all the servers to my igoogle. This should come in handy when we need to find another mod :) What an awesome addition.. THANKS
REPLY: (by SnappyDoodle) Mar 5 2011 11:04am
I tried doing this but I'm not familiar enough with the igoogle page to set this up. Couldn't find the servers I added. Too much junk on the igoogle page. Guess this ole brain is just not techy enough to figure it out. Hope it works for others though cuz it sounds like a great idea. :-) Thanks for posting it.
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Mar 5 2011 12:20pm
You can move the "boxes" around by using the drop down box or arrow box. Play around with it a bit. It takes getting used to. *laughing out loud!* :)

You can also remove things and add in other things. Just takes a bit to figure it all out. :)
REPLY: (by SnappyDoodle) Mar 5 2011 6:11pm
Thanks Desert Paint. I finally figured it out! I was beginning to wonder..... I've got it set up now and even have a pet hamster (gadget) on my page to watch and feed.
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Mar 5 2011 7:18pm
*laughing out loud!* Yay! :)
REPLY: (by Naginata) Mar 8 2011 3:57am
*laughing out loud!*, and I thought I was being sort of creepy. I added two of them several months ago, and it made me feel like a stalker of the servers... hehe

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