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REPLY: (by Continuum) Dec 11 2010 4:28pm
I had a profile reported to me earlier, that had racial content and cursing (though misspelled much like chatspeak).

I know it was extreme to remove it without asking player to remove---but I don't feel I should have to ask a player to remove racial slurs and swearing. They very much know that is against the rules. I was more afraid of other people seeing it since several had reported it to me.

If it's that bad, is it okay to do what I did? Or should I really have asked her nicely to remove her racial content and cursing?
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Dec 11 2010 6:15pm
That's fine. When a profile is extremely inappropriate, or if pretty much the entire profile is nasty, go ahead and remove. If it's easy to discuss it with the player, then great, otherwise get it off. *laughing out loud!*

When there is only 1 sentence, or a small part that is not appropriate, but not totally bad it's nice to give the player a chance to remove it. Especially if they have lots on their profile that is ok.

Just remember, this is a family game and young children and their parents do play. We are a bit more lenient with profiles than global, since players actually have to go look at it. However if it's severely breaking the rules, such as racism, adult explicit content or totally bad language then it needs to go immediately.
REPLY: (by Continuum) Dec 11 2010 8:48pm
Yeah, that's what I figured, I just didn't want to overreact. She was making comments about race, avoiding filter to swear.... and it was brought to my attention by players on the server...so I knew people were looking at it.
REPLY: (by BoneGirl) Dec 12 2010 6:04pm
Nickname(s) Bella
Vampire girl
Species Human (Twilight - Book 2 of Breaking Dawn)
Vampire (Book 3 of Breaking Dawn)Gender Female Age 17 (Twilight) 18 (New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn)Date of birth September 13, 1987
Date of death September 10, 2006 (as a human)Family Charlie Swan (father)
Rene Dwyer (mother)
Phil Dwyer (stepfather) Carlisle Cullen (father-in-law) Esme Cullen (mother-in-law) Alice Cullen (sister-in-law) Rosalie Hale (sister-in-law) Emmett Cullen (brother-in-law) Jasper Hale (brother-in-law) Spouse(s) Edward Cullen
Children Renesmee Carlie Cullen

I was wondering if I should ask the person to take down this profile?
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Dec 12 2010 6:23pm
That's ok. She isn't graphic or explicit with the violence angle. And it's a book and book characters she is discussing. Saying Date of death isn't great but she does make it clear it's a books character, and she doesn't state how the death occurred. :)
REPLY: (by BoneGirl) Dec 12 2010 8:07pm
Ok thanks.

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