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VIEWING MOD FORUM THREAD: Other Languages on Profiles
REPLY: (by Continuum) Dec 10 2010 3:37pm
I've seen a lot of people with other languages on their profiles. I double checked the detailed rules and it says horse names, but no profiles.

Most of what I've seen is song lyrics--is this okay, provided they also provide a translation on their profile?

I think it's a fuzzy line saying you can use horse names of different languages with translations, but not on their profiles or yours. I wanted a confirmation before I took any action either way.
REPLY: (by LorienSunStar) Dec 10 2010 3:54pm
I believe as long as they have the translation its allowed :)
REPLY: (by Miranda) Dec 12 2010 12:00pm
The translation needs to be in there somewhere. Right after is foreign language, or at the end, wherever is fine so long as it's there.

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