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VIEWING MOD FORUM THREAD: Banning/Giving Items Away?
REPLY: (by Snuffleupagus) Sep 6 2010 10:00pm
Okej, so I have heard of this lately and it has probably occured for awhile on different servers too.

There are stories of players who have x number of violations and when they get flagged/feel they are reported, they start moving their money/horses/items around in case they are banned. You know, looking for holding places until they can come back. Luckily, in these cases that I know, the player has not been banned and they take their items back. I don't know if they sense short bans or long bans but still, a ban. Is the "no giving things away when quitting" rule applicable to these cases? I know they are not quitting in that sense and at the time, we can't prove they are being banned but it is just suspicious. Send a reminder? Send an abuse report?
REPLY: (by Snuffleupagus) Sep 6 2010 10:06pm
Blah, stupid me. I forgot to add the rhetoric that in the case these players have a perma ban or ban long enough that their account expires, they can go to their holders and poof!, have their top horses, money and items back. Maybe this didn't need to be added... I think you all understand.
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Sep 6 2010 10:18pm
It's a hard one. If they are quitting, they may give away their things, but... if they do then we will not delete their account. So they won't be able to create another account and return. They will have to stay off the game until their account times out or at least wait for 62 days without trading off of their account before we will delete the account.

If a banned player returns, we ban the account and that second account will be deleted. So they don't win.

What usually happens in all their trying to keep their horses... is they permanently lose them. The ban is temp, they have someone else hold their horses then either that person gets rid of the horses, or... they are moved to a cheat/multiple account then deleted.

Sad, but you just can't get the kids to read and follow the rules. :(
REPLY: (by Snuffleupagus) Sep 6 2010 10:35pm
Okej, thanks for the reply and explanation.

You know, at this point I wish I could implant it in all brains that once horses/money/items leave your account, you have no control what happens to them. Try so hard for that unfair advantage but end up losing it in the end.

(Kind of applies to the complaints of horses going out for training that end up on banned accounts too...)
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Sep 7 2010 8:29am
Yep. If we could just get them to read... *sigh*

Then again they stand in front of the Library and spend 15 minutes spamming global for someone to tell them where Cara Cook is because they are "too lazy to look for her." Quoted from the player... -_- *laughing out loud!*
REPLY: (by Snuffleupagus) Dec 26 2010 8:08pm
Okej, this has come up again. I don't know if this is because I am stuffed with holiday food or haven't spoken in English for 48 hours but I'm confused...

A player on Cremello says they have been banned but they are still playing. In the meantime, they are giving their horses for safe keeping to MULTIPLE players I can't keep track.

I am under the impression that if a player is online and then banned, NightMare pops in, does the job, and the player is banned. This player is saying they were "banned a few hours ago", and by keeping online, the ban is not in effect. This makes no sense to me. The player is ShadowFilly.
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Dec 26 2010 8:14pm
ugh... grrr... *laughing out loud!* when I banned her she was not on. Probably was logging on at the time of the ban. She is gone now. :P

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