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VIEWING MOD FORUM THREAD: Clarification on quitting and giving things away
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Jul 6 2010 11:10am
Players may give away or sell their stuff if they wish to when quitting. It's their account and they may give everything away if they want to so.

If they do give things away then they can't get their account deleted, it will have to time out and auto-delete in 62 days. So if you want to remind them of that great. But if they wish to give all away it's ok. They may.

Of course they should use ads chat *laughing out loud!* and if they want to post this in their profiles then tell players to look at their profile, then again it should be in ads chat. :)

Many players are only quitting a specific server. They don't plan on returning and don't want their horses to just auto-delete so they give them away. Some are quitting the game and don't care if their account is deleted or if it's left to auto-delete.

For those few who want to cheat, they can't really as when they ask for their account to be deleted if they have given/traded stuff off of it, then the deletion is denied. If they have moved things from their old account to their new account, then they lose them permanently when the "new" account ends up being deleted as a multiple account. So they don't win.

If they want a new account then that is exactly what they get, a brand new account with nothing and they must earn what they get just like any other new player. If they want to keep their horses, etc. then they must keep their current account. :)

Hope that makes things a bit clearer. :)
REPLY: (by SwiftPony) Jul 6 2010 11:12am
Haha, oops. I'm glad this clarification was made. (: I was a bit..confused. The detailed rules made it sound differently. Thanks DP!
REPLY: (by LorienSunStar) Jul 6 2010 11:18am
Yes i didnt realise this either DP so thanks :D
REPLY: (by OrbWeaver) Jul 6 2010 12:14pm
Wait...this goes against what we were told some time back that ALL items/money/horses should stay in the account when someone quits. In fact, what you're saying is in direct contention with the rules about quitting:

Quitting/Starting Over
1] You may quit playing at anytime. Your account will auto-delete after 62 days of inactivity, or 62 days of inactivity after your subscription expires.
2] When you quit, do not give away any horses, money or items. Should you decide to play again with a new account you could get these things back and that would be cheating.
3] If you feel the need to start over, your account may be deleted after giving sufficient proof that you are the account owner.
4] To have your account deleted so that you can start over, contact support from the email address you used to create your account. Again, do not trade anything off your account. Do not create a new account until we tell you that you may.

You're saying that they can give away things if they want to when quitting, but #2 under the detailed rules about quitting specifically says otherwise.
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Jul 6 2010 2:24pm
Yes Orb, but as it is their account... if they want to have it time out and auto-delete then they may give stuff away. There really isn't any way to prevent them from doing this. However, if they want their account to be deleted by us, then everything Must stay on their account and then be deleted with the account.

It's kind of confusing, but we just can't stop them from giving things way, so sort of useless to try. *laughing out loud!* :S And for some of them, they are doing just that, giving away things they will no longer use as they are switching servers. So not asking for an account to be deleted.

Basically that is for having an account deleted so they may start over with a new account. To do that everything must stay on the account. If they don't care about that, then they may give stuff away. It's up to them. I always check the logs (evil grin) so they can lie but they can't hide! :D

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