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REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Jun 30 2010 12:48pm
Please remember to not gossip or add to gossip. If a player reports something to you, that player must remain anonymous. Please do not ever share that identity except with another moderator or admin.

Also watch for the player "gossip" just because Player 1 says that Player 2 said something, doesn't mean Player 2 did. Many players "report" others to become a moderators "pet" or to feel important. If you didn't see something, then it didn't happen, please do not "act" upon something you did not see in chat.

If it bothered a player then that player can file an abuse report. If you feel it's important that the chat be saved you may file an abuse report on the player and ask us to review chat for ___ . Otherwise, please do not get involved as you didn't see the chat so it's hearsay or gossip.

When a player tells me that RuleBreaker broke a rule and said 'such and such,' I tell the player to please file an abuse report. Since I didn't see it I can't do anything about it.

If someone tells me that RuleBreaker has a bad profile I thank the player: "Thanks, I'll check it out." Or something like that. If it's correct, then I ask RuleBreaker to please remove that bad part, but I Do Not tell them the name of the player who "reported" them as that is confidential. I might say someone brought it to my attention, but that is absolutely all. Usually I don't even say that, I just say I was looking at profiles, or I was looking at your horses...

We must Not have favorites or at least show favoritism to players, nor can we encourage or contribute to player rivalry or gossip.

And please also remember that whatever happens in this moderator forum, stays here. We don't discuss these topics or issues with others. :)

Ok, gets off soap box now and goes back to workie. :)
REPLY: (by LorienSunStar) Jun 30 2010 1:32pm
Ok DP :) I also think its really important not to copy and paste things from mod chat into buddy chat plus conversations you have with players because if the muted player or the offending player hears of it it doesnt look good. Just throwing that out :)
REPLY: (by Arowan) Jun 30 2010 2:38pm
I've also learned from... oopsies... that it's a good idea to keep your regular chat toggle on moderator chat at all times, and just do /PlayerName or /Other Chat for your other messages. Nothing like a mis-chat to go into global when you least want it to *winces at memories*
REPLY: (by LorienSunStar) Jul 1 2010 2:43am
oh my gosh thats happened to me too Aro, sooo embarrassing. I use /playername etc aswell now :) and hope it never happens again *laughing out loud!*
REPLY: (by SuperBetta) Jul 1 2010 3:09pm
oh aro, i do that too. always have since i saw a /mod message go into global once. luckily it was on white server and was nothing bad. but just in case mine stays set on mod at all times. ^.^
REPLY: (by Arowan) Jul 2 2010 11:16am
of course, mine was on pinto just after a big thing got cleared up... which thankfully, went mostly unnoticed, but still.. *winces some more*
REPLY: (by RockPile) Jul 4 2010 4:39am
Thanks for the reminder, DP = )

You can mount your 'soap box' anytime *laughing out loud!*

As always, Thanks for letting me help!
REPLY: (by NightMare) Jul 4 2010 10:46am
I always let DP give the "lectures" she is so diplomatic. I am now offering to be her campaign manager if she decides to run for any political office. Hmm a job at the U.N. would be right for her also :)
REPLY: (by LadyNavigator) Jul 4 2010 6:29pm
Thanks all, Im not alone in the "chat box" oopses! Im feling better already. :)
REPLY: (by ChaosGypsy) Jul 6 2010 9:39am
nope you are not alone... I have simply told the kids rather then w/c I am set to Perma-fail ;) this sets every one to perma-giggle and breaks the tension and usually the drama that was going on over whatever issue I was dealing with *rolling on floor laughing!*
REPLY: (by AnnieOakley) Jul 7 2010 10:20pm
Ialways keep my chat set to 'Mod'. that way if something slips, none of the kiddies see it.

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