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VIEWING MOD FORUM THREAD: Remember to be polite please
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) May 23 2010 9:30pm
I know the kids can be very frustrating, and harassing, but please remember to always be polite. As moderators we must be patient and courteous even if the player is rude, or we are tired.

Many players don't read our profiles, or the rules of the game. So they are not going to know what is and is not polite, or ok... Many are children who are still learning, and don't know that they should not do something. To them, it's ok, to them it's not harassment. So, you can choose to basically ignore the player if you wish, but if you do choose to talk to them, then please make sure it is nice. :)

Telling a player they are not being polite, or that they are being rude isn't really reaching them, it's just making them dislike you and feel threatened. So for example if a player asks about a horse that is not for sale, you can ignore the player, or if you do wish to respond then just say something like "I'm sorry, but that horse (or none of those horses) are for sale."

We are moderators we are going to be asked about our horses, we are going to have random PM's like crazy! It's the green star that attracts players like flypaper *nods* :D

I either ignore the pm's or have an autoreply stating that I'm busy with questing (or whatever) and not chatting, then ignore the pm's. *laughing out loud!* Or I will just say "sorry, not chatting right now, busy working" then ignore.

It doesn't take long to say "sorry not for sale." :)

REPLY: (by RockPile) May 27 2010 2:43pm
Thanks for the reminder, DP = )

I agree, by the way. It's better to be polite.

I've always tried to 'lead by example,' and it usually works.

As always, thanks for letting me help = )

REPLY: (by LorienSunStar) May 28 2010 7:17am
Thanks DP :) I always try my best, I generally always try to answer every PM even though it takes a while sometimes if im on multiple servers. :) We are probably older than the majority of players we talk to so should be able to be more mature than them :D Thanks for the reminder :) Lorien
REPLY: (by SwiftPony) Jun 7 2010 10:39pm
Simple :D C: :) no matter the situation can work wonders, those little things.. Even when giving warnings, I'm always sure to tack on a thank you and a :D. They're not going to continue misbehaving if you talk to them completely nicely, and give them absolutely nothing to sass at. :D :D :D

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