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VIEWING MOD FORUM THREAD: Player Content please keep an eye on it.
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Apr 14 2010 9:58pm
Please remember to keep an eye on the content especially in global, but also in buddy... *laughing out loud!*

No death, dying, stabbing, violence, eating others... Nothing that would upset a young child. I will give a for example, this is not really appropriate for global chat:

Lets celebrate the death of a loonatic!
I'ma tuna lick -dances on own grave-
Dead woman walking -sirens go off-
buries ____ under apple tree-

I know it's in fun, but if a young child just logged on and saw that (not to mention her/his parents) it would not be great. :P *laughing out loud!*

REPLY: (by LorienSunStar) Apr 15 2010 3:59am
Ok DP :) Yea i think a trend of this has started coming out, eg i was met with a random Hello Im a murderer on one server the other day and all the players seemed to think it was fine and i was being completely OTT asking them to stop.
REPLY: (by Arowan) Apr 15 2010 7:55am
yeah, i've been seeing a lot of this too...

But i can't do much about it if it's in buddy or whatnot, since I can't see it. I usually just ask them to keep it out of global, and whatnot...
REPLY: (by LorienSunStar) Apr 15 2010 8:11am
I can see buddy but to be honest when Im on 4 to 7 servers i dont pay any attention to anything other than global because im too busy but ill keep an eye out for this now.
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Apr 15 2010 11:07am
It's mainly global that is important. If you happen to see it in buddy, then you can ask them to change subject *nods* *laughing out loud!* But mostly important for global where everyone on the server can see. :)
REPLY: (by Miranda) Apr 15 2010 1:25pm
A lot of the players think that buddy chat is free rein. They can say whatever they want there. They should realize that is not the case.

Talk to them and ask them to change the topic. Please don't forget to report players that you see chatting inappropriate in buddy. Some players remove people because of this. They think they are tattle-tales, but of course they then complain that people get away with the breaking the rules when they get in trouble down the road. So, as usual, we can't do something about what's not reported.
A little off track, but it still basically fits.

As usual though, if you don't see it, you can't punish. Ask the player that came to you to file an abuse report. If you don't think they will, feel free to do so yourself as a precaution.
REPLY: (by LorienSunStar) Apr 15 2010 1:39pm
Ok Miranda Ill keep an eye out for it now. May i ask this thing that is going round singing pants on the ground looking like a fool with your pants on the ground, do you guys think its ok? I have it said in buddy chat alot and i really dont like it but it is a song however even songs can be inappropriate, I just dont like it.
REPLY: (by DarkFaerie) Apr 15 2010 1:49pm
I think that would depend on the context of it and in which way they mean pants, they are under wear here in the UK and trousers over in the US. Its a bit rude either way.
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Apr 15 2010 2:07pm
Pants need to stay on the player, not be on the ground regardless... :P *laughing out loud!*

Then innuendo or referenced image of what are you wearing if your pants are on the ground is not really appropriate. :S

Unless they are saying they got a new pair or jeans or riding trousers or something, pants aren't really appropriate. :)
REPLY: (by Miranda) Apr 16 2010 8:40am
I don't know if you guys know the reference for that song, but it's from a crazy older guy that sang it during his American Idol audition.

The point of the song is actually making fun of those 'kids' that walk around with their pants hanging way off their bum. Many people think people that do this (sometimes the waist portion of the pants is halfway down their thighs or to their knees) look absolutely ridiculous. It's an issue that's gotten to the point of some places trying to put a law in place that can give out tickets for showing any undergarments in public (due to pants being too low).

So, honestly, I have no problem with the song. If it helps the kids to realize that wearing their pants hanging off their bum is not cool, but dumb, than I'm up for it. I really don't think any of them are thinking of it in the inappropriate manner in which it would not be okay. :)

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