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VIEWING MOD FORUM THREAD: Confusion over what is and is not allowed
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Dec 23 2009 9:27am
There seems to be a bit of confusion over what is and is not allowed. Here is my 2 cents, Miranda may wish to change or tweak this.

Players may talk about Twilight, Harry Potter, Lady Gaga, etc. just not in global. Twilight and Lady Gaga are not rated for this game, they basically are PG 13 with players here under 13, so this needs to be moved out of public chat. Can be chat here, buddy (if ok with all buddies) or pm.

For HarryPotter, might not be ok for some of the really young kids, however it's basicall a PG movie. It does start fights and unless everyone on the server at that time wishes to talk about it, it should also go into private chat.

They may say anyone want to talk about Harry Potter, or Twilight... meet me ... or pm me... That's fine.

What isn't allowed is flooding chat (maybe ok for a few minutes in playing, but not continuously,) talking about something that bothers others, controversial topics such as politics or religion.

No offensive content such as biting, licking, eating others. Some of that is also violent, but mostly comes under offensive.

Global is to chat in a general environment, something that should involve most of the players online at that time may be a server wide chat, that's fine. As long as it's not argumentative or offensive or cruel in any way. Asking for help for a quest, or how to do something... that also goes in Global. :)

This is my blip for Twilight:
As Twilight is rated PG13, and there are players under 13, please keep Twilight chat in private chat, thanks. :)

I also will *poof* Twilight or Harry Potter or whatever the topic is that is not appreciated in global into Private Chat. Or at least out of public chat.

If the entire server seems to be having fun with Harry Potter, and the content does stay appropriate, then it can be in global, for a bit anyway... But only for 5 or perhaps 10 minutes especially if there is a high player count. Since not all players wish to discuss Harry Potter...

If possible, try to play them into a non public chat, with poofing, or tickling, or something... *laughing out loud!* Helps keep down the fights. :S

If you have any questions about something that is not covered here, please post and ask! :)

We kind of need to all be on the same page, regardless of server. :)
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Dec 23 2009 9:40am
I thought of a few more things to add *laughing out loud!*

Celebrity chat also should really go into non-public chat as again, some hate that celebrity, some love them... there goes the fighting. They may chat all they want to as long as it's not in public chat. *laughing out loud!*

We used to be able to have some of that type of chat in global, but any more too many players whose sole purpose is to disagree with something, end up starting server wide fights.

No sad topics, no death topics, no serious injury, no hate speak, no date speak...

Since this is Christmas time... Santa is allowed, (well he is up there on Christmas isle after all *laughing out loud!* ) however, players may not trash Santa, there are young children that play. My blib: Santa is quite real, he is on Christmas Isle. :) Then a pm to the player requesting them to keep negative comments out of public chat, that young children play here, please respect this.
REPLY: (by NightMare) Dec 23 2009 9:41am
You explain things so well, thanks!
REPLY: (by LadyCourage) Dec 23 2009 10:06am
Yes DP, thank you! Very clear!
REPLY: (by Elanor) Dec 23 2009 1:04pm
Thanks DP I love it when you make things so clear for us :D
REPLY: (by EquineAcres) Dec 24 2009 6:11pm
:D Thanks DP
REPLY: (by Unjust) Dec 27 2009 5:30pm
Ok what if the chat isn't causing any problems at all no one is complaining and they are talking civilly and family friendly are we still to deny them the freedom of speach?
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Dec 27 2009 6:18pm
Sort of depends, you have to use your best judgment. As long as the content is ok for the game, and it's not bothering anyone, it's basically ok. However, if for example with Twilight, they get into biting, or who is the hottest, Jacob or Edward, then that's violence, dating.

The same with Harry Potter, if it's not bothering anyone, it's ok, but only if it doesn't go on too long or totally flood global. The first post I see where someone says, "Oh not again!" Or something like that, then the chat needs to clear out of global. They may chat all they like in chat here, buddy or pm. So it's not like we are denying them their chat, just moving it to another channel so it doesn't become harassing.

It's not really fair for others to have to mute global because of the content, since global is for all the server players.

Chestnut (I think...) had a nice global chat about Harry Potter the other night, lasted probably 5 or 6 minutes, then since other players were trying to ask for quest help, and it was being scrolled off the screen, I just asked the players to take Harry Potter to private chat please as it was sort of flooding global. They didn't have any problems with that.

Violence that is more than marshmallow or tomato throwing really shouldn't be on the game where the young children can see it. Neither should vampire topics, or dating. So, as long as they aren't breaking the rules, it's ok. :)
REPLY: (by Unjust) Dec 27 2009 6:48pm
Yes that is what I was refering too as there has been a number of times now I have been online when the players have had really good nice conversations on these topics and it has never gone badly. But if we don't give them the chance to show they can do the correct thing then how will they ever learn, surely the benifit of the doubt has to apply rather than jumping on them the moment they mention any of these topics.
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Dec 29 2009 8:04pm
Players may ask for others to join in competitions in global chat if they wish, however they may only ask once ever 5 minutes if it's in global. If they wish to ask more often, then it needs to go into ads chat. Otherwise it's spamming. :)

They may also have their releasing parties if they wish, they just may not advertise them. So, if they keep advertising after being asked to not do so, you can mute them for 5 minutes, then 10 if they still continue. It's not against the rules to release a horse, or have a releasing party. It's a pain for those who whisper the released horses, yes... but it's still not against the rules. *laughing out loud!*
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Dec 31 2009 7:04pm
Please remember not to criticize a player for how much they are selling something for. If they want to put an outrageous price on something they can... Players may pay that price if they wish, but they don't have to if they don't wish to. :)
REPLY: (by Unjust) Jan 3 2010 6:04pm
Ok on dun this morning there is players logging in and out constantly and one player every time they could post an ad would advertise boarding horses for players. Now due to the large amount of players coming and going so fast I kept posting the boarding warning which then (Bangs head) caused drama cause the player got up in arms over the other players being warned of the risks of boarding. I just wish boarding could be banned it would save so many problems of stolen animals etc. etc.
REPLY: (by Unjust) Jan 3 2010 8:33pm
Ok it seems that on cremello i have been told many times now by players that they are allowed to be saying in global that they have killed SJ cause i get the whole but it is common to say it etc. etc. and they don't like me not letting them say it.
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Jan 3 2010 9:06pm
Boarding would be just about impossible to ban, as there really isn't any way to prevent it. Sort of like with role playing. There really isn't any way to prevent it. We just hope to keep it nice. The same way with boarding, if they choose to take the risk then it's up to them. Many players and moderators board horses for others without any problems. Only some cheat, or are caught with someone being banned and boarding a horse. As long as the players are reminded once in a while that they might lose the horse, there really isn't anything else we can do.

I don't really like the killed part, but as it's not direct violence against a person or animal I sort of ignore it. *laughing out loud!* Basically they are just saying they did fantastic at sj. So the overall context is ok. *laughing out loud!*
REPLY: (by Unjust) Jan 3 2010 11:33pm
Any topics surrounding the death matter are not appropriate for Global so please drop it.

So I am guessing that Killing showjumping no matter what they actually mean doesn't fit into this which sorry seems they could say any word means anything pretty much sorry to sound difficult.
REPLY: (by FrogLips) Jun 13 2011 4:26pm
Thought I'd use just this preexisting threat..
I know noob in any form isn't allowed.. o or zeros.. and newbie is allowed.. Is newb allowed? I thought in a previous post it was said they could use newb or newbie.. or did I misunderstand?? thank you in advance
REPLY: (by JerseyHotblood) Jun 13 2011 4:28pm
If I remember i asked this a few weeks or months ago..I remember you (DP) saying that because Noob and Newb are pronounced the same that they are both out. And that Newbie" is the only form allowed because they were going around the rule and using Newb.
REPLY: (by FrogLips) Jun 13 2011 4:43pm
noob/noobie isnt ok, newb/newbie isnt great, best if they just put new player/person, its still insulting the other ways

okay this is what was found.. thank you LADYF.. it kind of still leaves a lot of room for can they are can't they.. is there a definite yes or not to this NEWB/NEWBIE?
The player was calling themselves a newb in this latest case
REPLY: (by JerseyHotblood) Jun 13 2011 4:48pm
I honestly think because of all the confusion this term should be banned all together, *laughing out loud!* Just my thoughts :)
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Jun 13 2011 6:57pm
They may not use noob or noobie, but newb or newbie is ok, it's just short for new person.

It's the way it's used, and how an um, other dictionary lists it as common kid usage. :S *laughing out loud!*
REPLY: (by FrogLips) Jun 13 2011 7:02pm
Thank you DP for once again clearing the air.. :)
REPLY: (by FrogLips) Jun 13 2011 7:27pm
Just a suggestion or help maybe for us who are coming across those still wanting to battle the "there is no difference so why can't we use noob" folks..
Tonight I came across a player that was doing just that so I gave them the example:
Noob is a rude way of speaking to or about a new player.. kinda like saying "eww it's the new kid"..vs just saying "hey it's a new kid"
I don't know if this helps or not.. some seem to want to argue anything. I also did remind the player if you have a problem with the admins decision please feel free to contact their support under the contact us at the bottom of the page... *laughing out loud!*
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Jun 13 2011 8:12pm
I like that Froggy! Exactly! :)
REPLY: (by OrbWeaver) Jun 13 2011 9:50pm
Player: ___FIND THE BANANA (#2)___Prize:100k :D -If you want another hint... they are 10k per hint. But there will be a free one every 2HI hours(pm me)

I wasn't sure what the rule is on this, since the detailed rules don't specifically cover hints, but I went ahead and told the player that she can't charge for anything related to the contest, including hints. Just making sure this is the right thing to tell the player.
REPLY: (by LadyFaerie) Jun 13 2011 11:23pm
the contest should be in ads, pm, here or profile, and can only be announced that theyre having one in global, however yes charging is a nono.
REPLY: (by JerseyHotblood) Jun 14 2011 8:03am
Thanks for clearing that Up DP. I really thought I remembered you telling me that "newb" was not ok because of all the ways they were "skirting" around the rules. And because "newb" was pronounced the same as "noob". But I think after this post I will DEF> remember that Newb is ok, *laughing out loud!* I now have an apology to make to a player, *laughing out loud!* HEY, I have no problems admitting when I am wrong :D Thanks again :) And Froglips, Thanks for your patience as well as we figured all of this out :) I still say we should ban the entire term because of all the confusion, *laughing out loud!* I mean honestly why cant they just take the extra second to say "new player" *laughing out loud!*
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Jun 14 2011 8:10am
It basically also depends on how it's used. Newb can, be use both ways. So if it looks derogatory then it should be changed or removed. If it looks like it's for newbie, then it can stay.

Noob and Noobie are definitely derogatory.
REPLY: (by JerseyHotblood) Jun 15 2011 9:02am
Ugh, Once again..there is too much grey area with this darn word, *laughing out loud!* Im telling ya..Ban it. And maybe THAT is where my confusion was...That sounds more like it, *laughing out loud!* So it is NOT ok when used in certain contexts....Ok, I KNEW in some way you told me it was NOT allowed, *laughing out loud!*. Ok, Now I dont think I am going crazy, *laughing out loud!*. Thanks again.

Ok, one of the BIGGEST uses of this word is when they say, "I feel like a Newb" or "Dont treat me like a Newb"

They will maybe say something silly and then follow with ,"I feel like a Newb" So, in this context would it be ok?

Im sorry to keep bothering you with this but this term is VERY frustrating as they DO try their best to push the rules with it, *laughing out loud!* I understand mostly kids being kids...But Honestly. before I played this game..this is NOT a term that I heard often. What ever happen to "Hello, I see your new here...Welcome" Sighhhhh
REPLY: (by FrogLips) Jun 15 2011 11:07am
If they are referring to themselves they can call themselves a newb.. It's when they are like oh my gosh not another NEWB..or ohhh geezz that NEWB is driving me nuts asking for free things etc.. then that is when it's in a negative sense and the player would need a reminder to maybe great the player a more politely.
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Jun 15 2011 11:12am
Yes, the "I feel like a Newb" is ok. As is the "Don't treat me like a Newb." As they are also referring to themselves.

What would not work is "That stupid Newb." Or "She such a Newb!" Then, it's being used in the same way as Noob. = In a derogatory manner.

They so love to push the limits. *sigh* And it's a full moon... *hides*
REPLY: (by Naginata) Jun 15 2011 4:38pm
Can someone explain why horse rescues aren't allowed again? I had a problem with a player just now, and I'm hoping I explained it well enough. But it would be nice to be able to find it somewhere here. =)
REPLY: (by DarkFaerie) Jun 15 2011 4:44pm
Horse Rescue's sounds like it indicates there is cruelty involved. As there is no cruelty on HorseIsle they are not allowed to have them. If I remember correctly they may have a rehoming centre or whatever.
REPLY: (by DesertPaint) Jun 15 2011 7:54pm
Horses are not harmed on this game, thus nothing to rescue. Rescue's sound like they are keeping something from being harmed. No need for rescues on this game. They may have an adoption center for unwanted horses or something, but not a rescue. :)

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