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VIEWING MOD FORUM THREAD: Anyone along our RV route?
REPLY: (by Joe) Dec 1 2009 7:49pm
Hey guys, thanks for all your MOD help :)

This is breaking AALLL the rules. :) We'll be asking for personal info here. Please don't scold us. :)

We are currently near Los Angeles, and recently stayed with Mod/Admin DesertPaint. It was a good time, and allowed us time to focus more on work rather than staying at a noisy parking lot RV park, or in the middle of the forest with slow internet.. . . So, we were wondering if anyone else would like to have us stop by on our route.

Our plan (I think) is to work our way up to North west Montana over the next few weeks. .. So, if you meet the following please email Miranda directly by substituting her name in, instead of support before @horseisle:

1) Want to hang out with us a bit. We are low maintenance. We travel with everything we need, except a bathroom, since the Cats needed the space. . .(Don't ask)

2) Over 18. We don't really want to be putting out anybody's parents.. . And maybe let us know your general family/living situation. If you have 4 HI kid players, that may be difficult to keep our "Secrets Safe"! hahahaha

3) Let us know what kind of parking you have? On street or country property, etc. If it's below 20 at night, we may need an extension cord for a little heat ;)

We aren't sure of the route yet, and can't give any specifics, but if we have your info and it's on the way, we'd appreciate the visit I'm sure. We can payback the favor with dinner, or maybe a "Sneak peak". . . . .

Thanks much,
REPLY: (by OrbWeaver) Dec 1 2009 7:56pm
Doesn't sound like you'll be going through the Midwest. However, if you ever come out this way, let me know! :)
REPLY: (by Korrailli) Dec 1 2009 8:06pm
If you wanted to come a little north to Canada, you could hang out here. I am not THAT far from the boarder *laughing out loud!*.
REPLY: (by Nyneave) Dec 1 2009 8:58pm
Awwwww. too bad you didn't say something sooner. I believe Miranda mentioned y'all were in Mobile around the time Ida hit. I live in that area....sort of.
REPLY: (by OkamiFreak) Dec 1 2009 9:12pm
Aw, I'm way off in Pennsylvania *laughing out loud!*
REPLY: (by Tdos) Dec 1 2009 9:18pm
Hmm, going through Montana, I'm on your route. Will have to talk with hubby to find out if it is okay. When exactly would you be traveling?
REPLY: (by Naginata) Dec 2 2009 6:16am
OrbWeaver's right... If you ever come through the Midwest,
I'd be happy to have you visit. =)
REPLY: (by LaGitana) Dec 2 2009 7:37am
Same here, way off in Pennsylvania. :-(
REPLY: (by Nimaway) Dec 2 2009 8:05am
If you are heading south west from Montana .. and travel ooo 9908 miles you can come stay here.. cats welcome, great internet and the river at my front door :)
and the bonus.. Its Summer here!
REPLY: (by NonsenseBot) Dec 2 2009 8:27am
Boo , I am in Northern Canada, should you ever cross borders you are more than welcome here :) We have plenty of parking for RV's as I am in a summer town !
Happy Travels !
REPLY: (by FeelingFroggy) Dec 2 2009 11:02am
*sniffle*...I think you were my way already...if you ever come back to the south, near Florida, let me know and you can come hang out here. We have 15 acres, are out in the woods and have an RV hookup! Miranda, you could finally come to one of those dance workshops! :)
REPLY: (by DabbyDoose) Dec 2 2009 2:24pm
Once you get back to MN and dont want to head home yet, I am close to ND border!!!
REPLY: (by LadyCourage) Dec 2 2009 3:17pm
Oh man! I'm in Nebraska... =P
REPLY: (by Miranda) Dec 2 2009 9:13pm
Yeah, we didn't think of this earlier. Too bad. Well, something to keep in mind for if we head out again I guess. :D
REPLY: (by Fossil) Dec 2 2009 9:54pm
Man...I'm on your route...but I'm with my parents *laughing out loud!*. Drat. Would have loved to have you guys stay here, got plenty of room, plus an rv hook up I think.
REPLY: (by Meritae) Dec 2 2009 10:19pm
Skip all the snow. Come south and hang out with me in Georgia.
REPLY: (by Elanor) Dec 3 2009 7:53am
noooo come to england hehehe its only a slight detour
REPLY: (by UnmindfulFlipper) Dec 3 2009 8:10am
If you get into Montana, decide you like it and stay in the north part heading east, I could be on your route.
REPLY: (by HarvestMoon) Dec 3 2009 12:28pm
It is actually SUMMER in New Zealand! AND we are a walk from the beach! Don't know how you get the RV here though.
REPLY: (by Ennui) Dec 4 2009 11:51am
If you want to try Google directions, they can get you from Los Angeles to Sydney, Australia. >:) They can't get you to New Zealand though. :P But I especially like their wonderfully easy directions, Step 248: Kayak across the Pacific Ocean Entering Australia (Northern Territory) 3,358 mi.
REPLY: (by UnbridledTrainer) Dec 4 2009 12:26pm
I'm in Florida here (less than an hour from Mobile if you guys would have said something when you were there you could have hung out here)....*shakes "naughty" finger at admins* Shame Shame for not thinking of this sooner. *laughing out loud!*
REPLY: (by Miranda) Dec 4 2009 1:12pm
*laughing out loud!* I just looked at Google Maps. Wow! I can't believe they actually tell you to kayak across the ocean... :D

Yeah, we definitely should have thought of it sooner. I didn't realize so many of our mods were around Florida. :)
REPLY: (by EquineAcres) Dec 4 2009 5:54pm
Well, that all depends....going north first, then west? Feel like checking out Washington (meaning more than the airport)? You'd be welcome :)
REPLY: (by UnbridledTrainer) Dec 4 2009 7:15pm
Hmmm....I wonder why so many FL people play. Maybe because for 9 months out of the year its so hot you don't want to go outside the house. It's much more comfortable to stay in the A/C and play PC games. *laughing out loud!*
REPLY: (by Washu) Dec 5 2009 7:13am
*laughing out loud!*. If you decide to trek out toward DC, I'm not too far and live on a gorgeous horse farm. Safe travels!
REPLY: (by SpottedRose) Dec 5 2009 8:14am
If you go to Google Maps and ask for directions from New York to London, it takes you to Boston it _used_ to say, "Swim 3,000 miles to Land's End" but alas, doesn't anymore.
REPLY: (by Tdos) Dec 5 2009 8:16am
I remember when it said that.
REPLY: (by AnnieOakley) Dec 6 2009 9:50am
Ditto for the Midwest (Illinois)
REPLY: (by Harperking) Dec 6 2009 7:08pm
Well, if you're ever in the Nashville area we have a guest room always ready for folks. We call it "Erin's Bed & Biscuit" since the beagle usually keeps guests company in there XD
REPLY: (by Arowan) Dec 7 2009 10:56am
Well... if you're visiting around northern arizona, I might be in town *college town* (though I'm heading back home thursday... for winter break)

Not far from the Grand Canyon!
Otherwise... doubt my parents would be cool with an RV in front of our house xD not that we have outlets, anyway.
REPLY: (by Elanor) Dec 7 2009 11:05am
Oh My mum and dad have told me i can feel free to invite friends to stay at our horse, Id just take them up on it *rolling on floor laughing!*. Id be like ok so we've got someone coming with an RV today where will it go
REPLY: (by EquineAcres) Dec 8 2009 6:56am
Stay at your horse? Offering a stall are we?
REPLY: (by Elanor) Dec 8 2009 8:26am
*rolling on floor laughing!* you can just see im horse mad!
REPLY: (by PurpleZebra) Dec 8 2009 11:04am
I'll add my vote to you making a detour to Down Under ;-)
REPLY: (by Piper) Jan 20 2010 10:14pm
If you ever come to Red Wing, be sure to look me up! I'd love to meet you and show you around town here!
REPLY: (by SimpyFrog) Jan 21 2010 10:29am
Darn I live in Oklahoma now. Used to live in northern California up in the mountains but moved away from all that snow.
REPLY: (by CheshireKitty) Jan 26 2010 1:49am
I'm in the Oregon Valley area. Don't really think it's on your route though or I'd love to.
REPLY: (by OneCuteCowgirl) Mar 29 2010 9:34am
well if you ever make it to kentucky way you're more then welcome to stay with us :0 i have plenty of parking it's nice and peacful here :)
REPLY: (by ChaosGypsy) Mar 31 2010 6:10pm
Well I dont know who is where or what the time frame is but we have 22 acres of open space in TX. and tons of room for an RV as well as an open apartment over the garage to stretch out in *laughing out loud!* doors open just us grown ups here =) and the critters sound out if the space is needed =)

REPLY: (by Miranda) Mar 31 2010 7:29pm
We're home working now, but we are planning on heading out again this summer. We'll have to keep this idea in mind again. :)
REPLY: (by Rustler) Apr 13 2010 10:55am
You are always welcome back home on the range. Thanks for setting up our first computer with John Gobatz soooo many years ago Joe. If you ever get back to Lake Vermilion again, email us.

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