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REPLY: (by Miranda) Oct 5 2008 10:00pm
I thought you guys might get a kick out of this. I have a player that keeps emailing support asking random questions. Well in one email she sends this story she made up. So, enjoy. :)

How HorseIsle Came To Be
By PawPrintPony
One day Miranda was taking care of her horses.Suddenly she looked up to see a beautiful Unicorn!The Unicorn said,''I am Sparkle.I shall take you to my homeland,were Magical horses run free.'' Shocked,Miranda stumbled forward a bit and nodded
then jumped onto Sparkles back.With that the Unicorn and Miranda were gone.Only purple dust floated in the air.Then suddenly on a cloud a puff of purple dust appeared.Poof!Miranda and Sparkle were on Cloud Isle! Sparkle said softly,''This is my home.Cloud Isle.''Miranda gasped and looked around.Then snapped back into reality and asked,''Why did you bring me here?'' Sparkle replied,''You now have an importmant task.Create a world of fun and laughter.A world were wild horses run free!A world with breeds from all over!Islands of horses and people!Quests to do and games to play!Were everyone can have their own dream horse!It shall be called...'' The unicorn paused then said,''HorseIsle.'' Miranda gasped and asked,''Can my freinds and family help?'' Sparkle replied,''Of course.'' With that the unicorn poofed Miranda away.Back to her own land.She began her work and all her friends and family pitched in to help.And soon they finished the new world called HorseIsle.Updating it every month or so.And here we all are.On HorseIsle.Enjoying it as much as we possibbly can.And for the few whom can go to Cloud Isle have probably met Sparkle and her friends.They might have even got to ride one of them.And we all today live happilly ever after.

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