Horse Isle Server (HISP)

Installation Guide


Understand that there are differnet verisons of the HISP package;

HISPd - reimplementation of the Horse Isle 1.0 Server Software

N00BS - a launcher for joining Multiplayer or running a local server for offline singleplayer play (deprecated)

MPN00BS - Same as N00BS but multiplatform

Game relies on a SQL Server, any should work, but i have only tested it with MariaDB,

(and i guess SQLLite for the one used in the launcher version)

Manual Install:

download the latest HISPd binary: here Download HISP

Run it and edit in the same folder as HISPd


Website is built in PHP 8.0 and based on the original Horse Isle Game Website requires the following PHP modules to be loaded; "intl", "mysqli" and "mysqlnd" on Ubuntu

you must edit config.php and server.php to configure before it'll work properly. and is required to sign-up to the private server

the master-site (equivilent to can be found here: consists of sign up page, and server list,


and the game-site: contains the actual game client .SWFs themselves